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The Apprentice 11.12. The Final

The Final. Joseph v Vana. Prime Time Plumbing v DatePlay. Who will triumph to become Lord Sugar's business partner?

The Apprentice 11.11. Business Plan Interviews

The Business Plan Interviews, a chance to watch the candidates' hopes and dreams be ripped to shreds

The Apprentice 11.10. Healthy Snacks

Tasked with creating healthy snacks, this was a final chance to impress as PM. Would anyone actually take it?

The Apprentice 11.09. Luxury Apartments

Tasked with becoming sales executives for luxury London properties, it all proved too much for one candidate

The Apprentice 11.08. Children's Parties

Games, activities, cake, goodie bags. Kid's birthday parties can't be THAT hard to organise, can they?

The Apprentice 11.07. Discount Stores

Buy stock, sell it, restock, sell again. It was that simple as the teams opened up their own discount stores in Manchester

The Apprentice 11.06. Handymen

This week would prove just how handy the candidates are, particularly with a paintbrush and power washer as Handymen

The Apprentice 11.05. Children's Books

This week's task, design a children's book and audiobook aimed at 3-5 year olds. Hardly child's play.

The Apprentice 11.04. The Pet Show

A trip to the Pet Show this week with bespoke cat towers and luxurious dog sofas to sell but who would be shown the door?

The Apprentice 11.03. Negotiating Week

The teams were split between Calais and Kent putting their negotiating skills and logistics to the test. Let the bargaining begin

The Apprentice 11.02. Cactus Shampoo

The Apprentice double-header continued as girls went against boys producing a marketing campaign for cactus enriched shampoo. Things got prickly

The Apprentice 11.01. Fish Week

Lord Sugar is back and this time he has Claude with him the whole time. This should be fun, first up is Fish Week

The Apprentice: 10.11 The Interviews

It's the Interview episode of The Apprentice so let the squirming begin.