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Lost Doctor Who Episodes HAVE been returned to the BBC!

Press conference taking place at lunchtime on 10th October...

Doctor Who: Ace Adventures

Two adventures featuring the seventh doctor and Ace, his companion of the time...

Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

Out now is this Tom Baker era classic Doctor Who adventure...

Doctor Who: The Dæmons

Our DVD review of the next classic Doctor Who release, The Dæmons with Jon Pertwee as the third doctor in what Les descirbes as "a blast"...

Doctor Who: The Face of Evil

Tom Baker stars as the fourth Doctor in this classic Doctor Who DVD release...

Doctor Who: The Sensorites Review

Sensorites versus humans in this six-part adventure from the Doctor's first season.

The War Games in July

It has finally been officially confirmed that July's release in 2|Entertain's Classic Doctor Who series will be Patrick Troughton's epic last story, <b>The War Games.</b> The ten parter, the second longest single Doctor Who story ever made (discounting Trial of a Time Lord), was first broadcast in Spring 1969 and saw the Second Doctor and his companions Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) landing on what appears to be Earth during the First World War. The three soon find that all is not as it seems, however, when they find themselves travelling between time zones, each of which is based around a different war during Earth's history. Who is controlling the time zones, and to what purpose, and can the time travellers survive long enough to get to the centre of the web? Co-written by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks, the story is famous not only as Troughton's final adventure but also as the story which finally revealed where the Doctor came from, and introduced us to his people the Time Lords, and is a more than welcome addition to the range.

Attack of the Cybermen

<img src="http://dev.strangememories.com/protectedimage.php?image=Colin/attackcybermen.jpg_03062009&height=150" align=left>Since his departure from the role of the Doctor in 1986, the fan community seems to have taken Colin Baker to its collective heart due to his unbridled enthusiasm for the show and his appearances in some excellent Big Finish audio productions. But at the time, things weren't nearly so clean cut. Some fans (including myself) loved his spiky and unpredictable take on the role, largely derived from the original performance by William Hartnell, but many others found him alienating, over-the-top and too much of a contrast to Peter Davison's more relaxed approach. Unfortunately, the general public, and more importantly the BBC hierarchy, seemed to agree with the latter view and Colin was unceremoniously replaced after two full seasons. It's true that his debut story, <i>The Twin Dilemma</i>, was something of a disaster and it's hard to entirely erase memories of <i>Timelash</i> or the campier aspects of Season 23. But I think time has been kind to Colin Baker's time in the role, and many of his shows, criticised as excessively violent and cynical at the time, look remarkably ambitious and unusual after the passage of two decades.