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Homeland: 3.09 - One Last Time

Nick Brody is back in Homeland - will it be as bad as these reviews kept saying it would be?

Homeland: 3.08 - A Red Wheelbarrow

Can Carrie ruin another CIA operation in the name of her obsession?

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Say hello to the new bad guy about town in Homeland this week...

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What is this Game that is On in Homeland this week? Could it be... the start of the plot?

Homeland: 3.03 - Tower of David

This week in Homeland, Brody sits alone and suffers. Party on, Garth.

Homeland: 3.02 - Uh... Oh... Ah... - Review

The second episode of the new Homeland season has a stupid name - is the content any better?

Homeland: 3.01 - Tin Man Is Down - Review

Back to the Homeland - can they recapture some of that shifty, distrusting season one magic?

Homeland: 2.12 - The Choice

The final episode of Channel 4's espionage thriller mess! How did it all go down?

Homeland: 2.11 - In Memoriam

One episode to go after this! Will the penultimate week be all set-up, or... strangely eventful?

Homeland - 2.10: Broken Hearts

As the end nears, will something terrible finally happen to Carrie and Brody? Well, something else, at least...

Homeland: Season 2, Episodes 1-9

An epic review of the second Homeland season so far, daring to guess what the writers say while drunk!

News Surfing: Comic-Con special! Doctor Who! Merlin! LOADS MORE!

Which show might be spawning a move trilogy? And which upcoming show is surprisingly good? All this and more in our San Diego Comic-Con special!

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How did Homeland's first year turn out in the end?

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Halfway through Homeland, we re-evaluate the suspense.

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