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Irresistible Review

Jon Stewart is back, and he has something to say

11.22.63 - Soldier Boy

The penultimate episode, and Jake's lost his memories. Can he get them back in time to save JFK?

11.22.63 - Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald

Time and memories; James Franco's character needs both but is running short of them as we approach the climax of 11.22.63.

11.22.63 - The Truth

Truths are revealed in this tense episode, but are they the revelations that Jake is after?

11.22.63 - The Eyes of Texas

Eight months until the assassination of JFK, 11.22.63 continues apace and with increasingly satisfying performances.

11.22.63 - Other Voices, Other Rooms

A two year jump forward for James Franco. Will Lee Harvey Oswald be revealed to be a lone gunman, a CIA plant or Russian stooge?

11.22.63 - The Kill Floor

Blood and death, Time and Time again. James Franco continues to impress in the adaptation of Stephen King's time travel mystery.

11.22.63 - The Rabbit Hole

This is the time travel TV show you should be watching. James Franco and Chris Cooper in the adaptation of Stephen King's novel.