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Black Mirror: 3.06 Hated In The Nation

Brooker tackles online hatred, drones, bees and consequences in the last episode of season three of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror: 3.05 Men Against Fire

Episode 5 of Black Mirror takes us into a future of war.

Black Mirror: 3.04 San Junipero

Can love transcend this reality across the ages? Charlie Brooker explores this question in the fourth episode of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror: 3.03 Shut Up and Dance

What would you do if you were being blackmailed by extortionist demanding not money, but obedience? Would you break the cycle? Or would you <i>Shut Up And Dance</i>?

Black Mirror: 3.02 Playtest

Dan Trachtenberg brings his single location thriller experience to episode two of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror

Black Mirror: 3.01 Nosedive

Bryce Dallas Howard stars in season 3 of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror. In a world where every interaction is judged and scored, what rating does Nosedive warrant?

Black Mirror Season 3 Launch Date

Netflix announce global release of new Black Mirror episodes.

Black Mirror: White Christmas

We take a look back at Black Mirror's Christmas Special

10 O'Clock Live: Series 3 - Early Review

The all-star satire juggernaut returns for a third year - has anything changed?

Black Mirror: 2.03 - The Waldo Moment

Last week in Charlie Brooker's imagined Channel 4 hell - will the world properly end?

Black Mirror: 2.02 - White Bear

It's a bad day to be Annie from Being Human in the second miserable week of Charlie Brooker's dark techno-satire.

Black Mirror: 2.01 - Be Right Back

Charlie Brooker's techno-warning drama returns to Channel 4!

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe - Review

Brooker bursts back with ultimate evolution of crazy TV-yelling! Is this his greatest moment?

Charlie Brooker's 2012 Wipe - Brief Thoughts

Master Ranter Charlie Brooker takes to the BBC airwaves once more to swear about last year.

A Touch of Cloth

Is Charlie Brooker's new two-part detective spoof a touch too much?

News Surfing: HBO continues war on Presidency! Charlie Brooker back to hate everyone! MORE!

HBO vs President! Brooker vs World! New Girl vs UK! Dexter vs public! Fight special!

News Surfing: Sorkin, Silk and Satirical Show return! And MORE!

All the TV news that's fit to blog, plus a gratuitous William Shatner prostitute video!

We Recommend: 10 O’Clock Live

Channel 4's highspeed satire series returns - can it silence the critics?

No Murdoch Allowed for Charlie Brooker

Parliamentary footage cut from satirical 2011 Wipe.

The Entire History Of You

The final episode of Charlie Brooker's dark vision - how low can it go?