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Limitless - first look

The latest Film-TV transition...

Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman

One white man in a suit down, here's the next one....

Under The Dome - Pilot Review

Should you venture Under The Dome? We review Channel 5's latest US import.

How I Met Your Mother: Season 8 - Review

The never-ending anecdote reaches its penultimate year - how is it holding up in the re-telling?

Vinnie Jones to play Moriarty in Elementary

British actor set to appear in the US Sherlock Holmes adaptation as 'M'.

CBS's Elementary pilot casts Lucy Liu as "Joan Watson"

US modern-day Sherlock Holmes casts its loyal sidekick, with a couple of big changes.

House of Lies coming to Sky Atlantic

The new dark comedy has been picked up for UK broadcast by Sky Atlantic.

CBS to make a modern day Sherlock Holmes... wait, haven't we seen that somewhere before?

With BBC Sherlock still in production, are CBS' plans for a remake a little premature?