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Corona trailer: The first film about the coronavirus has already been made

We didn't have to wait too long to get a first full-length thriller about the coronavirus

Ága trailer: Love, family and the dying embers of an ancient culture

Milko Lazarov's film looks at the effects of the modern world on traditional values

The Void Review

Will Ben Pinsent survive the home release of The Void?

Mommy Review

In his fifth feature, twenty-five year old Canadian director Xavier Dolan raises the question: How much must a parent give to a child before they are allowed to give up?

The Grand Seduction Review

TDF newcomer, Spike Marshall has reviewed The Grand Seduction

Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk

Dazzling stuff from the Vancouver four-piece as they follow up on their eponymous debut effort.

Lights - Scala, London

Canadian electro pop genius Lights leaves audience beaming.

Exclusive: Yukon Blonde 'Stairway' video

Just the thing to brighten up your mid-week blues.

Tegan And Sara - Get Along

Canadian twins gift fans with early Crimbo prezzie of live CD/DVD package.

Junior Boys - It's All True

Fourth album from Canadia's Junior Boys witnesses the electro duo graduate at senior level.

Mother Mother - Eureka

Canadian avant-pop quintent declare their 'Eureka!' moment. Rightly so, too.

Amy Millan Interview

Release the Stars - or should that be Star? TMF chats to Amy Millan.

Amy Millan - Masters of the Burial

Buried as these songs may be, there's a throbbing heart beating beneath the surface of Amy Millan's second solo album.

The Hidden Cameras - Origin: Orphan

Say cheese! Or maybe not, as Joel Gibb's Canadian troupe draw in their cheekbones for a new pose.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct Review

Vincent Cassel stars in the first of a two-part action-triller biopic of France's most notorious criminal, Public Enemy No.1 in France and Canada in the 1970s.