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Ladies in Black Review

For Australia Day, the delightful comedy-drama Ladies in Black, directed by Bruce Beresford from the novel by Madeleine St John.

Australian Cinema and Me

On Australia Day, a look back at the country's cinema from its origins to the present day.

Side by Side Review

This 1975 comedy starring Barry Humphries and Terry-Thomas, directed by Bruce Beresford, arrives on DVD from Odeon Entertainment as part of their Best of British range. Fans of 70s British pop music start at an advantage.

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Review

On Australia Day, Gary Couzens reviews an upstanding Aussie fillum, a production that makes one proud to...er no, actually it's <i>Barry McKenzie Holds His Own</i> in which Bazza hits Paris and Edna Everage is mistaken for the Queen of England and kidnapped by the vampire president of Transylvania. Umbrella Entertainment's Region 0 DVD release is very good. The film may well improve after a few cans of Fosters.

Don's Party Review

Meanwhile, the party continues at the Henderson's, as Gary Couzens reviews the Region 0 release of <i>Don's Party</i>, a classic Australian comedy given a fine two-disc release from Umbrella Entertainment.

Puberty Blues Review

As Bruce Beresford's new film <a href="getcinemareview.cgi?id=205">Evelyn</a> is released in the UK, <b>Gary Couzens</b> has reviewed the Australian Region 0 release of his 1981 surf movie <a href="index.cgi?page=Review&id=1277&story=4261">Puberty Blues</a>. This release from Umbrella Entertainment via the AV Channel has a good picture and adequate extras.<p><p>

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie Review

<b>Gary Couzens</b> has reviewed the UK Region 0 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=1198&story=4030">The Adventures of Barry McKenzie</a>, a vulgar comedy about an Aussie in England that gets an appropriately basic DVD release.<p>