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Kaleidoscope Review

A modern day Hitchcockian tale with a twist that will frustrate and shock

LFF 2019: Hope Gap Review

William Nicholson's Hope Gap is a muddled affair about a couple on the rocks

Distant Voices, Still Lives Review

Terence Davies' wonderful debut is 30 years old and has A rerelease is a gift. And this one has a spiffing new 4K transfer.

Arcadia Review

Our look at the BFI's DVD release of Paul Wright's 2017 film

The Dam Busters Review

The 75th Anniversary Blu-ray of The Dam Busters is here, Leader and released today

The Mercy Review

Detailing amateur sailor Donald Crowshurst's attempt to win the Golden Globe Race and the lengths he went to in order to cover up his failure.

God's Own Country Review

Barren beauty, lambing, and love in God's Own Country.

The Unseen Review

The substance of faith is a hope in the unseen.

Love is Thicker Than Water Review

This is about Vida and Arthur and an Andy Gibb song.

England is Mine Review

I still don't belong to anyone - I am mine.

My Beautiful Laundrette Review

My Beautiful Laundrette is a highly important film when it comes to the complex issues of homosexuality and race

The Great British Bake Off: 6.10. The Final

Then there were three. After nine weeks it was finally here, The Great British Bake Off Final.

Containment Review

This British independent low-budget horror is tense and original

The Sleeping Room Review

Mike Sutton looks at the Second Sight DVD of a recent British horror film.

Locke Review

An intriguingly stripped-down road movie comes to Blu-Ray

This Sporting Life on Blu-Ray from Network

Network release a British classic on Blu-Ray.

Theatre of Blood Review

Mike Sutton looks at the upcoming Arrow release of this hugely enjoyable film.

Classic Agatha Christie from Studiocanal in January

Three Poirot films in one Blu-Ray boxset.