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Days of the Bagnold Summer Review

A tale of single parenting and heavy metal

ArteKino Festival: Pin Cushion Review

A beautifully tragic fairy tale debut

Anna and the Apocalypse Review

High School Musical - only British, with zombies, at Christmas

London Symphony Review

A poetic journey through the capital.

Dark River Review

A bleak and beautifully crafted depiction of guilt, grief and abuse.

Journey's End Review

Innocence lost... courage found.

The Look of Love Review

Mike Sutton reviews the Studiocanal Blu-Ray of this impressive biopic of Paul Raymond from Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom.

The COI Collection Volume Eight: Your Children and You Review

The BFI's latest COI offering takes on children and childcare.

The World's End Review

The Cornetto Trilogy concludes...

Edinburgh Bites: Everyone's Going to Die Review

<i><B>Mike Scurfield</b> catches <b>Everyone's Going to Die</B> at the <b>Edinburgh International Film Festival</b>...</i>

We've Been Watching... A Field in England

Six contributors. One film. What did our writers make of Ben Wheatley's latest?

Edinburgh Bites: Blackbird Review

<i><B>Mike Scurfield</b> catches <b>Blackbird</B> at the <b>Edinburgh International Film Festival</b>...</i>

The Man Who Finally Died Review

The latest addition to Network Distributing's 'The British Film' collection.

Edinburgh Bites: Leviathan Review

<i><B>Mike Scurfield</b> catches <b>Leviathan</B> at the <b>Edinburgh International Film Festival</b>...</i>

Perfect Friday Review

Mike Sutton takes a look at Network's dual-format release of this 1970s British caper movie.

The Terror Review

More Edgar Wallace goodness from Network Distributing...

Spanish Fly Review

The British sex comedy relocates to Spain for sunny sauciness.

Piercing Brightness Review

Where sci-fi meets artists' film.