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Servant of Two Masters

Merlin deals with mind control. It's all a bit Derren Brown.

His Father's Son

Camelot goes to war, and Arthur has to stop it.


A return to the good old fashioned days of Merlin ridiculousness.

The Wicked Day

Definitely a darker Merlin this series...

The Darkest Hour - Part Two

A dragon, evil spirits of the undead and an uncle possibly snogging his niece. It's Merlin.

Merlin: Series 4 DVD Release

With the Series 4 underway, it's time to get excited about the DVD release!

Merlin - Promo images for Episode 2 [No Spoilers]

New promo shots for Ep 2: Revival of the Witch

The Darkest Hour

Bellatrix Lestrange, Arthurian Wonderbras and a bromance to rival JD and Turk.

We Recommend: Merlin

It's Arthurian legend, but not as you know it.