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Netflix reveals its first ever top 10 most viewed list - what was the most viewed show in April 2019?

Our Planet proves David Attenborough still captures audiences while horror is on the menu on a number of Netflix shows...

Bodyguard: 1.06

Have you recovered from the nail biting finale of Bodyguard yet? Baz Greenland gives his thoughts on last night's episode.

Bodyguard: 1.05

Did the penultimate episode of Bodyguard reveal any answers or tease more mysteries?

Bodyguard: 1.04

Bodyguard continues to keep the audience on its toes...

Bodyguard: 1.03

Another water cooler moment as Bodyguard continues to thrill and entertain...

Bodyguard is confirmed as the biggest new UK show since 2006

The magnetism of Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes make Bodyguard the biggest UK drama of recent years.

Bodyguard: 1.02

Bodyguard's second episode answers the show's main question, kicks into high gear and gets a little sexy (if that's your thing). Nick Whitney reviews episode 2.

Bodyguard: 1.01

Nick Whitney reviews the opening episode of new BBC drama Bodyguard.

Route Irish Review

Ken Loach tackles the controversial issue of the use of commercial armed forces in Iraq.