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Supergirl: 5.19 Immortal Kombat

It's the season finale, but will the whole gang make it AND save the world in this week's Supergirl?

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Was Charles Ingram guilty? Three-part ITV drama Quiz examines the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire scandal

Freak Show Review

The boy who would be Homecoming Queen

Legion: 2.08 Chapter 16

Legion sets up it's season two endgame.

10 Authors Who Deserve an Anthology TV Series

Benedict Seal submits 10 authors whose work would be ripe for an anthology series on the small screen...

Netflix picks up Black Mirror for a fifth series

Charlie Broker's dark anthology series will "be right back"...

The Lost Art of the Bottle Episode

In a television landscape of huge series arcs, Colin Polonowski considers the charms of the classic 'bottle episode'...

The full trailer for Black Mirror Season 4 is here

It's worrying when Black Mirror is brighter than real life... but then this is 2017.

End of year television review: The best and worst of 2016

The Digital Fix covers another year of television. Did your favourites make the list?

Black Mirror: 3.06 Hated In The Nation

Brooker tackles online hatred, drones, bees and consequences in the last episode of season three of Black Mirror.

Black Mirror: 3.05 Men Against Fire

Episode 5 of Black Mirror takes us into a future of war.

Black Mirror: 3.04 San Junipero

Can love transcend this reality across the ages? Charlie Brooker explores this question in the fourth episode of Black Mirror.

Hidden Gems - Digital Treasures, November 2016

Desperate to find something to watch on streaming TV in November? We've put together a selection of shows available now, from the brand new to the classic, that you might consider watching next.

Black Mirror: 3.03 Shut Up and Dance

What would you do if you were being blackmailed by extortionist demanding not money, but obedience? Would you break the cycle? Or would you <i>Shut Up And Dance</i>?

Black Mirror: 3.02 Playtest

Dan Trachtenberg brings his single location thriller experience to episode two of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror