Tag: biopic

Le Mans '66 Review

James Mangold's modest yet thrilling sports drama puts you behind the wheel.

All is True Review

A film that is small in scale and big in its poeticism

Beautiful Boy Review

A father struggles to help his troubled son after he falls prey to addiction

The Mercy Review

Detailing amateur sailor Donald Crowshurst's attempt to win the Golden Globe Race and the lengths he went to in order to cover up his failure.

Hacksaw Ridge Review

No, you didn't mishear that: "a pacifist war film from 'Mad Mel' Gibson"

Straight Outta Compton Review

N.W.A.'s ensemble biopic hits the screens.

Big Eyes Review

Tim Burton returns to the real world with a true story of high-art hijinks in the 1960's.

Van Gogh: Masters of Cinema Review

Maurice Pialat's film of the last days of the great painter comes to Blu-ray from Masters of Cinema.