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Big Sky 1.05: A Good Day to Die

Big Sky delivers a surprisingly good episode this week, seemingly bringing a big part of its story arc to an end and putting more emphasis on its characters which appears to be where its storytelling strengths lie.

Big Sky 1.04: Unfinished Business

Big Sky continues its messy approach to combining crime procedural with peak-TV serialisation, with obvious dialogue and tropes still present.

Big Sky Episode 1.03: The Big Rick

The cast is carrying Big Sky along brilliantly, with John Carroll Lynch, in particular, proving effective in another of his long list of violently jovial characters, but in reality, the series is offering nothing new with its suspense thriller storyline.

Big Sky 1.01 and 1.02: Pilot / Nowhere To Run

There is no doubt that Big Sky will draw you in with its serialised mystery, soap operatics and slick direction, but it cannot help but leave you troubled by some of its more problematic cliches.