Big Finish

Big Finish are the people behind a growing and impressive range of audio adventures including the likes of Doctor Who, Blakes 7 and Jago & Lightfoot.

Paul Spragg 1975-2014

Big Finish's Production Assistant Paul Spragg has died.

The Avengers - The Lost Episodes, Volume One

Get your bowler hats out - Steed and Keel are back to Avenge their missing past!

Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 6

Speed standard by seven - time to don some studded leather for the latest set of Liberator Chronicles. Confirmed.

Doctor Who: The Space Race

Behind enemy lines, The Sixth Doctor and Peri go cold as the Russians gear up for The Space Race!

Gallifrey VI

We stand on the brink of the Time War in the final series of Gallifrey from Big Finish!

Doctor Who: The Light at the End

Possibly the most contentious release of Big Finish's year..

Doctor Who: Fanfare for the Common Men

The latest of Big Finish’s trilogies gets off to a strong start as we travel back to 1963, and hear a Fanfare for the Common Men..

Dark Eyes gets a sequel (or three)

Paul McGann's Doctor and his new companion, Molly O'Sullivan return for more adventures.

Big Finish announce Survivors

Terry Nation's other well known creation hits audio...

Celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who in Big Finish style!

Eight Doctors take on The Master in 'The Light at the End'

Interview - Cav Scott and Mark Wright

To mark the release this month of their Companion Chronicle The Prisoner of Peladon, Big Finish's prolific writing partnership of Cav Scott and Mark Wright talk to James about the new audio in the first of a two-part interview.

Big Finish - The Spin-offs

As a follow-up to last month's Best and Worst features, James takes a look at Big Finish's Doctor Who spin-offs.

Patient Zero

Who is Patient Zero? What do the Daleks want with them? What connection is there with the Doctor and Charley? And, most importantly, has the Doctor finally discovered Charley's secret? James finds out as he reviews this month's Big Finish audio.

Big Finish - July Round-up

James takes an overview of all the audio releases from Big Finish last month, including a deer hunt in Sherwood Forest, a nasty case of poisoning for the SG-1 team and a spooky visit to the world of Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows...

Big Finish - The Best and Worst of the Seventh Doctor

The third in our month long feature celebrating ten years of Big Finish's Doctor Who range, this week it's the Seventh Doctor audios which fall under the spotlight and we divide the Aces from the Mels...

Big Finish - The Best and Worst of the Sixth Doctor

It's Week Two in our month-long celebration of the ten year anniversary of Big Finish's Doctor Who audios. This time it's time to look at the best and worst of Colin Baker's audio adventures, as he battles terrors as diverse as the Daleks, singing pirates and Christopher Biggins...

BF 123: The Company of Friends Review

James reviews Big Finish's July release in their main Doctor Who range, a one-off special in which the Eighth Doctor runs into some old friends...

Big Finish - The Best and the Worst of The Fifth Doctor

<p>This month Big Finish celebrates ten years of releasing original full-cast Doctor Who audios starring the original cast, and to celebrate Relative Dimensions will be looking at the best and worse of the range, Doctor-by-Doctor. This week we start off with Peter Davison, as he encounters werewolves, Dracula and the genesis of the Cybermen...</p>