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Channel 5 drops Big Brother

This will be the last series (on Channel 5 at least)


Snuggle up on the virtual sofa as Gogglebox returns for a fourth series of watching other people watch TV.

Big Brother

Family strife and lower body paralysis. Thank the Glee gods for Sue Sylvester.

The producer of Strictly Come Dancing dies, aged 47

Popular producer of shows such as Big Brother, Mastermind and The 11 O'Clock Show passed away on Saturday.

TV-Related iPad Apps

Series of features about iPad apps of interest to TV lovers in the UK.

Ghost Game Review

It came close to causing a diplomatic disaster upon its release in Thailand, but this Far East shocker is a little more tame than the surrounding controversy.

Metropia Review

Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis are voice actors for this dark futuristic animated feature from Sweden.