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The Victorian IMAX Experience Announced for the London Film Festival

Large format films, from 1897 to 1901, among the earliest British films in existence, digitally restored and to be shown at the BFI IMAX as the London Film Festival's Archive Gala on 18 October.

LFF 2017: Life Guidance Review

A chillingly realistic dystopian sci-fi.

LFF 2017: Good Manners Review

A modern-day fairy tale with a gruesome twist.

LFF 2017: Summer 1993 Review

A child’s perspective of life, loss, and finding your place in the world.

LFF 2017: Call Me By Your Name Review

Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine.

LFF 2017: Wonderstruck Review

A picture-perfect adaptation of a beautifully illustrated book.

61st BFI London British Film Festival Line-up Announced

Get the latest on the films coming to this years festival

Playground Review

Bartosz M. Kowalski’s Playground is a hard-hitting, realistic drama, with a terrifying conclusion that will leave you reeling for days.

Prevenge Review

Alice Lowe writes, directs and stars in a dark yet hilarious take on all things maternal.

City of Tiny Lights Review

Pete Travis delivers an intriguing London-set film noir, with a fascinating central turn from Riz Ahmed.

American Honey Review

Andrea Arnold's American Honey is an entrancing, energetic road trip movie that follows a group of teens in search of the American dream.