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The Lady in the Van Review

Playwright Alan Bennett gets a neighbour he never bargained for

11 Minutes Review

A vast ensemble of characters and an intricate web of stories make up Jerzy Skolimowski's intriguing 11 Minutes, but sadly the end result is a wholly unoriginal one.

Brooklyn Review

An immigrant to Brooklyn, Eilis is split between her new home and Ireland

Rattle the Cage (Zinzana) Review

The first genre film to come out of the United Arab Emirates

Paula Review

In rural Argentina, Paula struggles as a low-paid nanny

Black Mass Review

Two brothers. One is a mob boss, the other a US Senator

Chevalier Review

An all-men boat trip turns into a competition to prove who, among them, is 'the best'

The Assassin Review

9th century China. An assassin is sent to murder her cousin and former fiancé

Tangerine - Second Opinion Review

A funny and raw indie comedy that might surprise you.

Men and Chicken Review

See Mads Mikkelsen in a whole new light in this oddball Danish comedy.

When Marnie Was There Review

The latest, and possibly last, Studio Ghibli film is enchanting and emotional.

Ghost Theater Review

Low on chills, but still fun to be had in the new film from the director of Ring

Listen to Me Marlon Review

This documentary takes a new look at Marlon Brando's life.

Tangerine Review

A hilarious, revenge-fuelled tale set in L.A., Sean Baker's Tangerine is an energetic, vibrant film featuring groundbreaking subject matter and techniques.

He Named Me Malala Review

A stunning and sweet documentary about an extraordinary girl.

The Witch Review

1630. Living at the edge of a forest in New England, a family panics when one of the children disappears.

Evolution Review

Having released her previous film over 10 years ago, Lucile Hadzihalilovic returns with Evolution, a disturbing and atmospheric tale filled with mystery and menace.

Beasts of No Nation Review

Idris Elba's despicable Commandant leads in this powerful film about child soldiers.

The Program Review

Can The Program match it's subject for intensity?

High-Rise Review

An adaptation of a J.G. Ballard tale, Ben Wheatley's High-Rise is an exciting mix of genres and a brutal look at class warfare.