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Schalcken the Painter

This adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu's story made an impact on its TV broadcast in 1979. It now receives a dual-format release from the BFI as part of their Flipside line.

The Black Panther Review

British cinema's 'In Cold Blood'.

Her Private Hell Review

Sexploitation and unexpected sensitivity.

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs Review

Another delightful rediscovery courtesy of BFI Flipside.

Voice Over Review

The splendid BFI Flipside label unearths another forgotten jewel.

Deep End Review

Much more than just Jane Asher swimming in a pool naked but whatever gets your attention...

Requiem for a Village Review

The BFI Flipside presents... David Gladwell, one of the best British filmmakers you've never heard of.

Prostitute Review

The BFI release of Tony Garnett's realistic look at the notorious profession is reviewed by clydefro

Lunch Hour Review

Spend the hour with Shirley Anne Field and Robert Stephens in the latest Dual Format release from the BFI's Flipside

Duffer/The Moon Over the Alley Review

The wildest Flipside yet - a teenager torn between his male S&M pal and a female prostitute, & a multicultural musical

Private Road Review

The second feature from Barney Platts-Mills, starring Bruce Robinson and Susan Penhaligon, also joins the BFI Flipside

Bronco Bullfrog Review

Flipside fever is here, as clydefro catches up with Barney Platts-Mills' outstanding debut feature

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Review

Flipside fun with music and girls, in the late Clive Donner's coming-of-age film, now uncensored in a Dual Format ed.

Privilege Review

Flip out with the BFI as a young pop star plays puppet for the grubby hands of the government.

The Party's Over Review

Take a walk on the Flipside with this BFI dual format release featuring Oliver Reed, beatniks and implied necrophilia

The Pleasure Girls Review

Discover "The Pleasure Girls" in this new BFI Flipside entry, the first available as a DVD/Blu-ray combo.

Privilege Review

Paul Jones plays a pop star who is a puppet of the government in Peter Watkins's 1967 excursion into dystopian SF, <i>Privilege</I>, released by the BFI in their Flipside line. Review by Gary Couzens.

Permissive Review

Sex and rock and roll and occasional drugs with the 1970 groupie drama <i>Permissive</i>, released as part of the BFI's Flipside strand. The disc also includes a second feature, <i>Bread</i> from 1971. Review by Gary Couzens.

That Kind of Girl Review

If you stray from the marriage bed, here's a 1963 warning of what might happen in <i>That Kind of Girl</I>, directed by Gerry O'Hara. Gary Couzens reviews the BFI Flipside DVD release.