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Daniel Davies looks back at the very first season of the legendary Pokemon

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Mendes marks his return to the big screen with a story set around two young soldiers delivering an important message

The Current War Review

A pedestrian, incomprehensible electricity drama that even the likes of Cumberbatch and Shannon cannot save.

The Current War trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon try to light up the world

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's film finally sees the light of day almost two years on from its première

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One last TV spot threads together all 21 of the Marvel films to date

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Christmas cheer comes to Whoville

Avengers: Infinity War trailer: The end is nigh

How many can you count in two minutes?

Watch the electric trailer for The Current War

And, no, it's not a war about dried fruit

Sherlock: 4.03 The Final Problem

Season four closes with the Final Problem, and there's an East Wind blowing in, turning the entire world on its head. Everything's at stake in this final episode.

Sherlock: 4.02 The Lying Detective

This season's arc proceeds at pace, delivering us a new antagonist, a devastating cliffhanger, and our couple reunited.

Sherlock: 4.01 The Six Thatchers

Six busts, three Watsons and a spy thriller nobody saw coming.