Tag: beer-geek

Une Bière Dans La Paris

Is there more to the city than wine now?


Getting all fired up for London's latest electric hit.

Goose Island Bourbon County

A behemoth crosses the Atlantic

The Hope, Carshalton

Let me introduce you to my local.

In Search Of The London Porter

We go on a quest for the perfect pint of black gold

London, The Beer City

Getting ready to celebrate all things beer in London

Big Smoke Brew Co.

Travelling to the suburbs in search of the underworld.

IPA Is Dead 2015

The report of its death was an exaggeration.

Orbit Beers

London's new rocket men are brewing up a treat.

The Kiwis Are Coming

Cricket, wine... turns out the Kiwis are good at beer too!

Tryanuary II – The Discoveries

So what did we find this month?

Weird Beard Brew Co.

Weird beards and wonderful beer.

Meantime In The Winter

Drinking in the winter sun.

One Mile End

East End winner or dead end road?

London Fields Brewery

Time for some "liquid bread" down Warburton Street.

Anspach & Hobday

Beer for the discerning gentleman. Or lady.

Left Hand Brewing

For once the Left Hand path leads to (liquid) heaven.

Brick Brewery

Not just another brick in the wall.