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Hidden Down The TV Guide #6 - online channels?

The future is bright except there's limited content and managed choice....

A BBC Christmas

"Let's hope it's a good one without any fear"....

Parks And Recreation: Season Two - Review

A gushing review about how much I loved Parks And Rec season two. Not even going to pretend otherwise.

Parks & Recreation: Season 2 begins!

BBC Four enters the second season of the hit US sitcom - how does it evolve?

Parks And Recreation - Season One

Cult US comedy finally airs on BBC Four - is to too late to get on board?

Borgen: 2.09 - 2.10 - The Sanctity of Private Life & An Extraordinary Remark

The end of year 2 in Danish politics - do we still want Birgitte Nyborg as PM?

The Killing III: Episodes 7-8

The penultimate week of Danish death... EVER! Whodunnit? Whytheydunnit?

The Killing final series to be "darker and heavier"

The first news about Forbrydelsen series 3, and it's looking gloomy. But in a good way.

Not Quite the Messiah

It seems that the BBC Four's comedy drama is causing controversy about the controversial film it is depicting.