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Breath Review

For Australia Day at The Digital Fix, Breath takes us back to the 1970s, and an older man comes between two childhood friends. Based on Tim Winton's novel, Breath is directed by and stars Simon Baker.

Age of Consent Review

For Australia Day at The Digital Fix, Age of Consent, Michael Powell's last full-length feature as director, is an attractive story of older artist James Mason invigorated by younger Helen Mirren.

Lost Gully Road Review

A ghost story with a timely subtext, Lost Gully Road comes to DVD from Umbrella Entertainment.

Razorback Review

Russell Mulcahy moved from music videos to the big screen with Razorback, a visually striking and often surreal eco-horror film, released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.

Oz Film Festival: The Butterfly Tree Review

The closing night film of the 2018 Oz Film Festival, The Butterfly Tree is a visually stunning film about a woman arriving in town and the effect she has on a father and son.

Oz Film Festival: The BBQ Review

The BBQ shows Kenny star Shane Jacobson as another Aussie battler, but with barbecues instead of portaloos. Co-starring Magda Szubanski.

Oz Film Festival: Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story Review

Showing at the Oz Film Festival, Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story is a controversial and sometimes harrowing look at Australia's treatment of its national icon and leaves the viewer with plenty to think about.

Oz Film Festival: Ellipsis Review

The opening night film of the Oz Film Festival in London, David Wenham's feature directing debut is an engaging and bittersweet story of what happens in a day and night in Sydney when a young man and woman meet by chance.

Oz Film Festival: Australian Films in London 6-8 July 2018

The second Oz Film Festival takes place 6-8 July 2018 and offers a weekend of new and classic Australian films in London.

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Review

A powerful, violent and at the time controversial adaptation of Thomas Keneally's novel, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith is a major Australian film of the 1970s.

Sunday Too Far Away Review

Released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment, Sunday Too Far Away is a classic of 1970s Australian cinema.

Australian Cinema and Me

On Australia Day, a look back at the country's cinema from its origins to the present day.

Tanna Review

A story of forbidden love, set and made on the Pacific Island of the title,

Fair Game Review

Some down-and-dirty Ozploitation with Fair Game for Australia Day.

Ali's Wedding Review

Australia Day continues with Ali's Wedding, a romantic comedy which shows that truth is stranger than fiction, on DVD from Madman Entertainment.

I Am Heath Ledger Review

A look back at the life and films of Heath Ledger through his family and friends.

Hounds of Love Review

It's coming for me through the trees. Help me someone. Help me please.

Dark Age Review

A giant crocodile on the rampage, in Ozploitation classic Dark Age.

Pawno Review

A charming character-led comedy-drama set on one hot day in suburban Melbourne.

LFF 2017: Sweet Country Review

A fine Australian western, with some harsh lessons about its country's past.