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Atlantis: 2.12 The Queen Must Die

Too busy setting up for a cancelled future to tell its own story.

Atlantis: 2.11 Kin

Can Jason be saved from the clutches of Pasiphae?

Atlantis: 2.10 The Dying of the Light

The show may be on the way out, but this episode is very much alive.

Atlantis: 2.07 A Fate Worse Than Death

Given the axe, but still holding its head up high.

The Day of the Dead

Long story short: the best episode of Atlantis yet.

Atlantis: 2.04 The Marriage of True Minds

Telemon's treachery continues. Can Jason foil his plans?

Atlantis: 2.01 A New Dawn: Part One

Exactly what it says on the tin: a new dawn.

Help us unravel the secrets of #Atlantis...

Mysterious chest leads us on a merry chase...

Atlantis replaces Merlin! 3D Doctor Who!

New early-evening fantasy series! Three-dimensional Time Lord!

Luc Besson UK Blu-rays in September - Artwork added

Optimum confirms plans to release 7 Luc Besson titles on UK Blu-ray in September including Leon (Director's Cut)...

Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (R2) in July

A new cut of the pilot episodes is released as a DTV movie, plus news on Stargate Atlantis Season 5 and Complete Seasons 1-5 box-sets...