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The Painter and the Thief Review

The unlikely bond between an artist and the man who stole her paintings

Nick Gonzo and the Funk Soul Samurai Kickstarter

Geek:Life talk to Nick Gonzo about Gonzo Industrial, making comics, and using Kickstarter to crowdfund Funk Soul Samurai.

LFF 2018: Make Me Up Review

Deconstructing the beauty myth, reconsidering art history, and dismantling the patriarchy has never looked so good

Loving Vincent Review

You too will love Vincent after seeing this.

The Train Review

Julien reviews Arrow Academy's release of one of John Frankenheimer’s most efficient films

Koyaanisqatsi / Powaqqatsi Review

Baz looks at the recent Arrow release of Godfrey Reggio's stunning films.

10 Webcomics You Should Be Reading

10 webcomics that you should be reading.

Meet Taylor Wells

The Digital Fix's interview with Taylor Wells - colour assistant on Image's ongoing series; CHEW.

Dear Esther Review

Buckling the conventions of typical gaming so completely that it lies lost, castaway, somewhere on the boundaries of a new genre...

Midnight in Paris Review

Owen Wilson meets some famous people from the 1920s in the latest film from Woody Allen...

Waste Land Review

A profoundly moving documentary on Vik Muniz's attempt to create art out of biggest rubbish dump in Rio de Janeiro.

Interview with Ylotana

4D? What's that? Jade talks to Ylotana to find out...

Little Ashes Review

Robert Pattinson stars as Salvador Dalí in Paul Morrison's film on the relationships between Buñuel, Dalí and Lorca in 1920s' Madrid. Noel Megahey reviews.

BASS Festival 2009

Nationwide festival celebrates black music, urban art and African culture throughout the month of June.

The Vanishing Point Review

The unlikely subject of Art History makes for an intense thriller when a young researcher tries to uncover the mystery in an 18th Century painting by Watteau. Noel Megahey reviews.

Little Ashes Review

UK director Paul Morrison's film, starring Robert Pattinson, looks at the formative years of modern Spanish art through the encounter of Buñuel, Dalí and Lorca in 1920s' Madrid.