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Squirm in September

Arrow Video have gotten their hands of another 70s cult item.

The Last American Virgin in September

Dual-format edition for the 80s teen pic.

Time Bandits in August

Terry Gilliam's eighties fantasy gets the Arrow Video treatment.

The Fall of the House of Usher in September

A Corman classic coming to UK Blu...

Deranged in August

Worldwide Blu-ray premiere for a seventies cult favourite.

The Initiation in August

Eighties slasher coming to UK DVD.

Dressed to Kill in July

The latest addition to Arrow's Brian De Palma Collection.

Runaway Train in July

Another worldwide Blu-ray premiere from the Arrow Video brand.

The Car in July

Blu-ray premiere for "Jaws on Wheels".

Spider Baby in June

Worldwide Blu-ray debut for Jack Hill's 1960 shocker.

The Vineyard in June

Eighties horror gets the Arrowdrome treatment.

Foxy Brown in June

The landmark Blaxploitation classic to make its international Blu-ray debut.

Blow Out Review

A highly impressive Blu-Ray release of Brian De Palma's brilliant thriller from Arrow.

Blow Out in May

De Palma's 1981 classic heading to UK Blu-ray.

Black Sabbath Review

Arrow take Bava's most celebrated film and pop it in your blu-ray player, John's along for the ride.

Motel Hell Review

Meat's meat, and man's gotta eat! Arrow's Blu-Ray release of this splendid romp is out on Monday.