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J.D.'s Revenge Review

A violent 40s gangster takes over the body of a mild-mannered student of the 70s in this blaxploitation-horror.

Miracle Mile Review

It's Thor Arthur 66 ZZD...

Don't Torture a Duckling Review

Kill all the duck you want but never torture a duckling.

The Suspicious Death of a Minor Review

Sergio Martino's rarely seen giallo / poliziotteschi hybrid gets a great Blu-ray release from Arrow Video

Kill, Baby... Kill! Review

A beautifully-hued ghost story and masterclass of Gothic horror.

New Battles Without Honour and Humanity: The Complete Trilogy Review

New Battles Without Honour and Humanity: The Complete Trilogy

Klown Review

What shenanigans are Casper and Frank going to get up to this time?

Cops vs Thugs Review

Ben Pinsent investigates Kinji Fukasaku's Japanese Crime Drama, Cops vs Thugs,coming to Blu-ray soon

Phenomena Review

Dario Argento's strange and surreal arthouse-horror Phenomena comes to Blu-ray, Ben Pinsent heads to the alps to investigate.

We Are The Flesh Review

Ben Pinsent takes a look at the Blu-Ray release of a very unique Mexican Art House Horror film, We Are The Flesh

Willie Dynamite Review

Ben Pinsent gets down with Willie Dynamite, a 1974 Blaxploitation film being released on Blu-ray by Arrow VIdeo

The Tower of London Review

Ben Pinsent enters Roger Corman's Tower of London with Vincent Price, released on Blu-Ray by Arrow Video

The Swinging Cheerleaders Review

A favorite of Quentin Tarantino and cheerleading aficionados everywhere