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Edge of the Axe Review

It takes a lot of guts to make a movie like this - an overlooked Spanish horror from Arrow Video.

FrightFest favourite 'Harpoon' to premiere on The Arrow Video Channel

Watch the trailer for this dark and off-beat comedy-horror

The Sender Review

Your dreams will never be the same... classy horror #TheSender finally arrives on UK Blu-ray

Black Moon Rising Review

Tommy Lee Jones stars in car heist thriller Black Moon Rising on Blu-ray from Arrow Video.

Ring Review

There is a reason this has become a landmark of Japanese horror

De Niro & De Palma: The Early Films Review

Robert De Niro’s waiting, talking De Palma

Jake Speed Review

If you're such a big deal, why haven't they ever made a movie?

The Bloodthirsty Trilogy Review

Toho studios brings the vampiric tropes of the Dracula legend to Japan.

Dark Blue Review

We'll locate them and swoop down on them like the Lord's fury

Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years. Vol.1 - Seijun Rising: The Youth Movies Review

Seijun Rising: The Youth Movies - the first volume of films made during Seijun Suzuki's early years is available from Arrow Academy now.

Pulp Review

He’s a two-bit blown-out film star, not God!

Carrie - Limited Edition Review

Carrie White may well be burning in hell, poor love, but this box set more than makes up for it.