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Black Sunday Review

Over fifty years may have passed, but Bava's sensational directorial debut - courtesy of Arrow - retains its power to shock to this day.

Zombie Flesh Eaters Review

Arrow spew forth a splendid high definition release of Lucio Fulci's visually stunning zombie nightmare.

The House by the Cemetery Review

Fulci's haunting 1981 film may have copious plot holes, but there are no gaps in the quality of Arrow's bumper release of this glorious gorefest.

Demons 2 Review

Arrow release Lamberto Bava's Demons 2 on Blu-ray; prepare for more gore-drenched silliness.

Demons Review

Arrow release Lamberto Bava's garishly colourful and impossibly silly eighties splatterfest on Blu-ray.

The Deadly Spawn Review

Arrow Video's latest extras-packed horror revival.

Red Scorpion Review

Dave looks at this eighties action flick starring Dolph Lundgren on UK Blu-ray courtesy of Arrow Video...

Frankenhooker Review

Frank Henenlotter's "tale of sluts and bolts" earns itself a jam-packed HD edition.

The Exterminator Review

Mike Sutton looks at Arrow's recent Blu Ray release of this once notorious action movie.

Deadly Blessing Review

Wes Craven's underrated 1981 shocker gets a decent DVD release from Arrow.

Maniac Cop Review

What better way to celebrate Halloween. Arrow's blu-ray reviewed here...

Pieces Review

Blood. Limbs. A psycho with a chainsaw. And jazzercise!

The Cat O' Nine Tails Review

Argento himself didn't like it, but The Cat O' Nine Tails still stands tall amongst its competitors as it finds its way onto Blu-ray.

The Funhouse Review

Tobe Hooper's underrated thriller comes to Blu Ray courtesy of those nice people at Arrow.

Savage Streets Review

Mike Sutton takes a capsule look at Arrow's release of 1980s vigilante favourite Savage Streets

Obsession Review

Brian De Palma's stylish thriller comes to Blu Ray from Arrow Video.

Tenebrae Review

One of Dario Argento's very best films comes to Blu Ray courtesy of Arrow.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Review

Argento's debut masterpiece comes to Blu-ray courtesy of Arrow Videos. Does the release do justice to the highly influential giallo?

The Stendhal Syndrome Review

Art, violence, and general weirdness are the active ingredients in Argento's mid-nineties shocker, as Mark Lee discovers.

Island of Death Review

Nico Mastorakis' video nasty finally sees the uncut light of day.