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His Dark Materials: 2.06 Malice

Events converge on the Cittàgaze in His Dark Material's most exciting episode yet.

His Dark Materials: 2.05 The Scholar

A shocking reunion lies at the heart of the latest His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials: 2.04 Tower of the Angels

Will learns his destiny in an episode packed with surprises.

His Dark Materials: 2.03 Theft

Lyra and Will fall foul of Boreal as His Dark Materials continues.

His Dark Materials: 2.02 The Cave

Lyra learns more about Dust as a trip to Oxford yields more surprises in the latest His Dark Materials.

His Dark Materials: 2.01 The City of Magpies

Lyra and Will explore a new world as His Dark Materials returns for its second series.

New trailer for His Dark Materials series two confirms November air date

The seven episode second series will follow the same air date as the first.

His Dark Materials: 1.08 The Betrayal

A heart-breaking betrayal in the series one finale.

His Dark Materials: 1.07 The Fight to the Death

Events move quickly as the north prepares for war.

His Dark Materials: 1.06 The Daemon Cages

An explosive episode of His Dark Materials, packed with great moments.

His Dark Materials: 1.05 The Lost Boy

A beautiful and disturbing episode of His Dark Materials...

His Dark Materials: 1.04 Armour

His Dark Materials introduces the armoured bears as Iorek Brynison meets Lyra Belacqua...

His Dark Materials: 1.03 The Spies

Lyra encounters the Gyptians as the mysteries deepen.

His Dark Materials: 1.02 The Idea of the North

Plenty of world building in the second episode, as Lyra adjusts to her new home in London.