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End of Year Television Review: The Highlights of 2019

It's our end of year TV review. Did you favourite show make the list?

American Horror Story: Season Nine - 1984 Review

A bucket full of 80s cheese smothered in about eight pints of blood.

American Horror Story renewed for season ten

Ryan Murphy continues to deliver his unique brand of horror...

Sarah Paulson to play Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest prequel for Netflix.

The series will follow Ratched’s (Paulson) journey and evolution from nurse to full-fledged monster...

The theme of American Horror Story season 7 will be the US election

Because is there anything more terrifying than President Trump?

American Horror Story adds seasons eight and nine to its season seven renewal

American Horror Story will be scaring audiences until at least 2019...

American Horror Story: 6.10 Chapter 10

Daniel Theophanous reviews the season six finale of American Horror Story. Was this the best season yet?

American Horror Story: 6.09 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 sees Lee Harris as the lone Roanoke Nightmare survivor...

American Horror Story: 6.08 Chapter 8

Our American Horror Story season six reviews are back; episode eight succumbs to the usual absurd twists and turns we have become accustomed to with. Things predictably get worse and worse, more blood, more death, more insanity...

American Horror Story: 6.07 Chapter 7

American Horror Story: Death, death and more death in episode 7

American Horror Story: 6.06 Chapter Six

American Horror Story Season Six: A show within a show within a show...

American Horror Story: 6.05 Chapter 5

Is this the end of the Matt and Shelby saga?

American Horror Story: 6.04 Chapter Four

Chapter 4: Lady Gaga's mystic goddess Scathach makes a full appearance whilst the Blood Moon kills mercilessly!

American Horror Story renewed for season seven

The FX horror series will continue on into 2017...

American Horror Story: 6.03 Chapter 3

Feral Boys, a Medium and The Butcher, Daniel Theophanous reviews the intense third episode of American Horror Story season six...

American Horror Story: 6.02 Chapter 2

Episode Two gives great drama and suspense as the Roanoke nightmare starts to unfold...

American Horror Story: 6.01 Chapter 1

American Horror Story Season Six is finally upon us. The Roanoke Nightmare theme proves very promising already!

Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story Season Five

American Horror Story: Hotel opens its doors...