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Doctor Who: 12.03 Orphan 55

Terrifying monsters, a strong message but a lack of tension in a very mixed third episode of series 12...

Greatest TV Seasons: Doctor Who Season Five / Thirty-One (2010)

The Digital Fix kicks off a new feature looking back at the greatest season of our favourite TV shows, starting with the modern incarnation of Doctor Who...

Alien 40th Anniversary Short Films Review

20th Century Fox bring us 6 short films to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Alien.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited - 2.07 Legacy of Terror

An Aliens-influenced episode in Rebecca O'Brien's latest look back at Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Legion: 2.07 Chapter 15

Things get weird(er) in the latest episode.

Surviving Mars Review

City building in space with a little bit of hard sci-fi thrown in for good measure...

Dark Matter: 3.11 The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Dark Matter encountered alien life for the first time and it wasn't pretty.

Doctor Who: 10.04 Knock Knock

Doctor Who ventured into haunted house territory this week as acting greats Peter Capaldi and David Suchet faced off against each other. Baz Greenland reviews Knock Knock.

The Flash: 3.08 Invasion!

It's Supergirl, team Flash, team Arrow and the Legends Of Tomorrow versus the Dominators! Baz Greenland reviews the next installment in the epic superhero crossover event.

The X Files Revisited: 8.12 Medusa

Baz Greenland looks at the last X Files case in the Doggett and Scully era before David Duchovny makes his return to the show in this latest 'The X Files Revisited'.

Hunters: 1.01 The Beginning & the End

A rather frantic, erratic and confusing pilot episode of Syfy's latest series - but it's not all bad in Baz Greenland's review of Hunter's first episode...

Stranger Things

Three of The Digital Fix's writers bandied together to give their thoughts on the Netflix phenomenon that is Stranger Things.

When scientists say something could be alien its time to take note!

The strangest star ever spotted could be as a result of intelligent life!

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Review

Julien reviews Arrow Video’s release of W. D. Richer’s crazy homage to 50s sci-fi pulp adventure.