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Days of the Bagnold Summer Review

A tale of single parenting and heavy metal

Sometimes Always Never Review

Sometimes board games bring families together, sometimes they tear them apart - and sometimes, as is the case in Carl Hunter’s slightly odd and charmingly unpredictable film, they do both.

Reclaiming the Night: The Rise in Complex Female Killers

Reclaiming the night... women killers are now more complex argues Becky.

Prevenge Review

Mum's the word as Ben reviews the Blu-ray release of Alice Lowe's directorial debut.

Prevenge Review

The mother of all revenge films.

All the Prevenge info you need - poster added!

Alice Lowe's Prevenge will be going on a theatrical Q&A tour.

Prevenge Review

Alice Lowe writes, directs and stars in a dark yet hilarious take on all things maternal.

Sightseers Review

Alice Lowe and Jacob Oram go properly nuts in may. John reviews the UK blu-ray