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The Exorcist: 2.10 Unworthy

Adios hermano - Tomas, Marcus and Mouse race to save Andy's soul once and for all in The Exorcist season two finale.

The Exorcist: 2.09 Ritual & Repetition

Without Tomas, Marcus must face Andy alone and attempt to keep Rose and the children from further harm.

The Exorcist: 2.08 A Heaven of Hell

A misstep during the exorcism gives the demon the upper hand and we finally learn the details of Marcus and Mouse's history.

The Exorcist: 2.07 Help Me

The old grey lion and his cub battle to save Andy's soul.

The Exorcist: 2.06 Darling Nikki

The evil has taken on another form making it even harder for Andy to fight, while Bennett and Mouse come face-to-face with Maria the Monster.

The Exorcist: 2.04 One For Sorrow

Bennett comes face-to-face with what Mouse has been keeping in the catacomb while Marcus and Tomas arrive on Nachburn Island to meet Andy and his family.

The Exorcist: 2.03 Unclean

Marcus and Tomas attempt to help Harper Graham and Bennett finally meets Cardinal Caro's contact. While, on Nachburn Island things get weirder.

The Exorcist: 2.02 Safe as Houses

Father Tomas and Marcus try to save Cindy as the demon burrows deeper.

The Exorcist: 2.01 Janus

Padres Tomas and Marcus are back for the second season of The Exorcist