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Citizen K Review

A sweeping look at Post-Soviet Russia from the perspective of a oligarch-turned-political dissident

Citizen K trailer: Director Alex Gibney examines the life of one of Putin's fiercest enemies

The story of how Mikhail Khodorkovsky dared to face-off against Russia’s long-ruling leader

"I love jazz! Any time I sit at a piano, it's going to happen!" Interview with Film and TV composer Adam Dorn

Baz Greenland chats to prolific jazz composer, music producer and DJ Adam Dorn about his career, his mentorship under Marcus Miller and his work scoring music for documentary film and television.

No Stone Unturned Review

Gibney’s film is undeniably flawed, but it’s noble, and although it may only scratch the surface, will leave you invested enough to demand more answers.

This Week's UK Cinema Releases

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Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine Review

Alex Gibney investigates the persona of Steve Jobs in this thorough documentary

Interview: Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney

Alex Gibney explains how his new film <em>The Armstrong Lie</em> uncovers a beautiful lie and ugly truth

The Armstrong Lie (London Film Festival 2013) Review

Alex Gibney's riveting take on Lance Armstrong is a surprisingly philosophical study of a hunger for power

Magic Trip Review

Ken Kesey and the Magic Pranksters embark on an epic journey...