Tag: album

Editors - In Dream

Happy go lucky? In your dreams.

Frog - Frog EP

Ribbit, ribbit, rabbit, rabbit.

Houndmouth - Little Neon Lights

Hounds of the Baskerville have nothing on this lot.

Hilary Scott - Freight Train Love

A train load of American influences.

Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes

Everything goes south (in a good way) for this bunch of boozers.

Kill It Kid - You Owe Nothing

Blowing away their folk past with mountain-sized garage blues. Turn it up!

Lower Than Atlantis

Will the real LTA please stand up? Gary Kaill casts doubts on the alt-rockers' new chart-friendly sound.

The Waterboys unveil new album Modern Blues

New album to land in January and be marked by two live gigs the following month.


OutPHOX-ed? You will be.

O-Town: Lines & Circles track-by-track

The reformed man band talk us through their new album Lines & Circles.

Merchandise - After The End

War On Drugs? Meet Merchandise - you'll get on well.

Klaxons - Love Frequency

It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet. Um, actually it is.

Sinéad O’Connor announces new album

Full details of her tenth studio album inside.