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On Her Shoulders Review

One of the most difficult film viewing experiences you'll have this year

How to watch the banned Iceland Christmas TV ad

Lies are being spread via flagship TV shows but an ad that aims to draw attention to a real issue is banned. Something isn't right.

Trump’s ‘it doesn’t matter, we won’ response disgusted me - introducing a hero for our times, Emily Laing

Meet the woman happy to sing about mental health and to take aim at Boris Johnson and Piers Morgan...

Iceland's new ready-made scrambled eggs - we need to stop mocking accessible food

Disappointing coverage of something that makes the lives of some people a little bit easier

Facebook bans racist hate group Britain First

Good news, even if it took a long time in coming

‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ – LGBT+ representation that is barely even there

Jessica Thomas looks at LGBT+ representation on television and how ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ attitude to many shows. Does it normalise LGBT+ representation or trivialise it?

The Cloudflare CEO just took the bravest decision of his life (and may have changed the internet for good)

Starving hate of oxygen is the right thing to do, but what are the implications?

Gender inequality in film

An interesting infographic demonstrating gender inequality in film.