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Curtzon debuts with video for 'Traveller'

New project for former member of 6 Day Riot

MALKA releases the video for new track, Falling

Listen and then go pre-order the new album before it's too late!

MALKA announces new album and launches Pledge campaign

Loads of pledging options for what promises to be one of the best albums of the year.

Malka - Marching to Another Beat

Tamara Schlesinger is back with a whole new name.

MALKA teases album with Let It Go

6 Day Riot's Tamara is back as @MALKAMakesMusic with a new track...

Tamara Schlesinger - The Procession

And on the seventh day, Tamara made a solo album.

Tamara Schlesinger - Again

First video from Tamara Schlesinger's new solo album, 'The Procession'

Exclusive: Tamara Schlesinger previews her new album

With The Procession out later this year, Tamara Schlesinger talks about three tracks and gives TMF readers a sneak listen.

Guest Blog: Tamara Schlesinger on recording her new solo album

<b>6 Day Riot</b>'s Tamara Schlesinger is about to step out from the comfort of her day job to record her solo album...

6 Day Riot live

6 Day Riot's summer dates...

6 Day Riot - Tusk

World exclusive video premiere - right here!

Guest Blog: Tamara Schlesinger

6 Day Riot singer/songwriter and record label owner Tamara Schlesinger shares her views on the music industry from the viewpoint of an independent band.