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Stranger Things and Spotify reveal what songs save you from Vecna

Strangers and Spotify have revealed a special playlist that tells you exactly what songs would save you from the evil clutches of Vecna

Max in Stranger Things season 4

What song would save you from Vecna if you were in Stranger Things? The algorithm knows all, and thanks to a nifty playlist from the Netflix series, you can find out exactly what’d force the Stranger Things monster to relinquish its grip on your mind.

The ‘Upside Down Playlist’ is available on Spotify. How it works is simple: you can either click this link, or just search for it on your device of choice. You’ll then be given a playlist catered to your taste, both recent and further back. The top song is meant to be exactly what’d be enough to force Vecna back into the shadows, but our research suggests that it’s just what you’ve been jamming recently.

It’s not necessarily what’ll snap you out of a demonic haze. Those tunes are further down, when we step away from current favourites and into the hits that define your life on a more regular basis. Or maybe there’s a perfect overlap and it’s a song that’s engraved on your heart – you tell us! You do need to be signed in, and having a shared account could skew results as well.

Stranger Things has been having a moment of late. the first part of season 4 was a major hit for Netflix, and in particular the use of Kate Bush’s music has proven very popular among the internet at large.

No spoilers, but in the fourth season, Vecna’s a new antagonist who can possess people. One victim is Max, who’s held captive by the awful creature. Eventually it’s discovered that a particular tune can break Vecna’s hold. One play of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ later – in a graveyard no less – and Max is free.

What song would it be for you? Be honest, now. There’s no shame here. Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 comes to Netflix on Friday, July 1.