Star Trek franchise producer Alex Kurtzman extends contract with CBS

Star Trek franchise stays with CBS as new deal is signed

After a year of negotiations, producers at CBS Studios have officially extended Alex Kurtzman’s overall deal. Coming from The Hollywood Reporter, the news isn’t that surprising considering that the Star Trek legend is probably one of the most valuable men in media and is behind one of the best sci-fi series of all time.

In 2018 Kurtzman signed an overall deal extension costing over 20 million dollars. The original deal would have kept him on board with the studio for five years, all the way until 2023. However, as Kurtzman currently oversees five Star Trek TV series, and a handful of other shows, the studio has recently decided to renegotiate the million dollar contract, and keep the sci-fi captain for as long as possible.

The new deal adds another three years to their allotted time frame, locking Kurtzman and his Secret Hideout with CBS through 2026. The company’s keenness stems from Kurtzman being the man who oversees the widely popular Star Trek franchise. He was also partly responsible for launching Star Trek: Discovery, which helped CBS break into the streaming service business, and has played a valuable part in keeping CBS and Paramount Plus’s competitiveness in the online market.

“Extending our valuable partnership with the brilliant Alex Kurtzman and Secret Hideout has been a top priority for CBS and Paramount+,” said George Cheeks, CBS CEO. “Alex’s vision and leadership of the Star Trek franchise and his ability to create artistic and commercial series across all platforms put him in a special class of creative talent. His substantial accomplishments at CBS and the spirit of collaboration we enjoy with his team are greatly valued, and we are excited to build on his already impressive slate far into the future.”

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