The best Steven Spielberg movie inspired this Star Trek Picard scene

Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 4 looked to the best Steven Spielberg movie for inspiration, and that explains why it was so good.

Star trek Picard: Captain Liam Shaw Todd Stashwick

Star Trek Picard season 3 used the Steven Spielberg movie Jaws as inspiration for one of its best scenes. The third and final season of the Star Trek series has promised to bring back everyone’s favourite Star Trek characters for a big goodbye.

The entire main cast of TNG is reuniting for the last adventure of Jean-Luc Picard, as he tries to rescue Beverly Crusher from a desperate situation. Along the way, Picard has been joined by Riker and we know from the Star Trek Picard season 3 trailer that Troi and Geordi (as well as old enemies like Lore and Moriarty) will be returning too.

However, it isn’t just old faces in the sci-fi series‘ reunion. One of the best characters in the show is the new Star Trek captain in command of the USS Titan, Captain Shaw.

Portrayed by Todd Stashwick, Shaw stands out as being a Starfleet captain more like Jellico than Picard, and in his very first scene he locked horns with both Picard and Riker. Throughout the sci-fi drama series so far, it’s been clear that he has an animosity for Picard and now we know why.

In Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 4, Captain Shaw had a scene where he explained he was present at the battle of Wolf 359, and that he was forced to watch his fellow Starfleet personnel die at the hands of Locutus. It was much like Sisko’s backstory, and explained why he harboured a resentment for Picard, and now showrunner Terry Matalas has shared how it was inspired by classic thriller movie Jaws.

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Speaking with Collider, he said “Some of the inspiration for the character was – specifically talking about that scene, obviously—some of the inspiration for that scene was [Sam] Quint’s monologue about The Indianapolis, from Jaws. Hence, his name’s Shaw after [Jaws actor] Robert [Shaw]. I knew that going into the whole project, that that was his connection to Picard, and that he has this life-altering experience that is deeply connected to Picard. An experience that shapes his entire worldview going forward.”

That inspiration clearly paid off, because while it drew heavily from Sisko and Deep Space Nine, it was also one of the most emotional moments in the TV series so far.

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