Squid Game behind the scenes video shows all effects work on hit Netflix series

A behind-the-scenes video uploaded to Vimeo by Squid Game's CGI supervisor reveals the surprisingly huge amount of CGI in the hit Netflix show

The Korean phenomenon Squid Game is still clinging onto the Top 10 spot on Netflix and now a new behind-the-scenes video, uploaded to Vimeo by CG supervisor Hyungrok Kim reveals the surprisingly huge amount of CGI that went into making it such a hit show around the world.

In Squid Game, hundreds of contestants compete in a series of what appear to be simple playground and childhood games, with the promise of both vast rewards and also paying the ultimate price, should you fail.

Squid Game has become a global phenomenon and the most-watched show on Netflix. It has quickly integrated itself into the wider culture with frightening ease, spawning merchandise and its own cryptocurrency (which is somewhat ironic, given the show’s anti-capitalist themes). It has also been recreated in games such as Roblox and in real life by YouTubers, as well as spawning a craze for home-making dalgona candy – with varying results.

It will come as no surprise that a second season  of Squid Game is underway, which reportedly could end up going in a completely different direction to the debut season.

The video can be viewed here;

오징어게임[SquidGame]_CG_BreakDown from Hyungrok Kim(ROK) on Vimeo.

The video shows the numerous computer generated components that went into creating the world of the series – from the Red Light, Green Light arena, to the Glass Bridge Game, the globe that holds the winner’s prize; and even a helicopter in the background of one scene, as well as a rat that is seen on Kang Sae-byeok’s shoulder when she crawls through a tunnel.

Even the signature candy-coloured staircases that lead to each game are not really there!

The behind-the-scenes video reveals that the production values on Squid Game were comparable to big-budget movies and the CGI-created environment was certainly a large part of its success.