Victoria and Jacob

Remember Goldfrapp? (We certainly do! - Ed) La Roux?Well, if your attention has wandered, new duo on the block Victoria and Jacob are stepping up to try win that same piece of your heart, aiming for the ethereal - but too often slip into the dull. There are occasional glimpses of haunting The xx-like qualities (both share a fondness for poetic lyrics and a dark, muted combination of synth and beat pad) but these are few and far between, with the bulk of the material being confused and rather hazy. It is almost as though V&J were unsure whether to be an accessible and likeable electro-pop duo, or properly tackle the trickier elements of that dark, lo-fi dream pop style.

Atmospheric opening track 'Thea Mania' introduces that muted vibe, with Victoria’s lilting vocals weaving throughout but the repetitive 'Festival' and 'Rain Might Clear' will make you skip to the dark and gritty 'Believe The Boy' with its subtle nod to dubstep and the strongly 80s feel of 'I See You'. There is promise here, but it is perhaps not as fully developed and defined as it needs to be. If they want to succeed, and follow in the footsteps of some of the better known genre stalwarts, they need to nail a better sense of their own identity.



out of 10

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