Alien Quadrilogy – New rumours or solid facts?

The May issue of Empire magazine arrived on my doorstep this morning and within their own DVD section they have early details on the Alien Quadrilogy DVD Box Set that we first reported on in this earlier news article. Empire were fortunate enough to speak with Fox's Sven Davison regarding the 9-disc box set and uncovered a few early details - here is a summary of what they were told...

- All new cuts of Alien, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection that include deleted material seamlessly branched into the existing films.
- Aliens will offer a choice of the Theatrical Cut (previously unseen on DVD) and the extended Special Edition.
- Alien 3 will be the so-called 'Extended Work Print' (Fincher will not allow it to be called a 'Directors Cut' and presumably has nothing to do with this release). This version will potentially incorporate much of the deleted footage that Fincher shot and was then subsequently cut from the Theatrical release, and could result in a film nearly twice the originals length.
- All four directors look set to provide audio commentaries along with production crewmembers.
- Each film will offer Cast Commentaries (participants unspecified).
- Approximately 4 hours of bonus material on each of the films bonus discs including featurettes, deleted scenes, documentaries, multi-angle scene comparisons, full screenplays, trailers, art galleries and DVD-ROM material.
- Ninth disc will contain feature-length documentaries including the 68-minute Alien Legacy documentary featured on the current box sets 5th disc, and the recent 2001 BBC 75-minute documentary hosted by Mark Kermode. Also featured is material on the Aliens comic book series and DVD-ROM material.

Most of the above is very similar to what Canadian e-tailer DV-Depot posted in early February, right down to the labelling of the 'Alien Evolution' documentary as a BBC production when it was shown on Channel 4 and produced by Noble's Gate Scotland. The information posted by DV-Depot was swiftly discounted by Fox which begs the question - is the above information accurate? Only time will tell and I will personally be awaiting a press release before I consider replacing my existing set.

A September release date is currently being touted for the R1 release and here is another look at the box artwork from a Fox promotional leaflet.

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