Errors - Lease Of Life

Back in 2006, Errors released their playful debut EP How Clean Is Your Acid House? Despite the title, it was less acid house and more like a fresh reinvention of instrumental synth-pop. Fast forward to 2015 and we have a fully formed electronic powerhouse preparing to tour their fifth full length LP of hypnotic, ethereal pop. On Lease of Life, Errors seem less concerned about rousing a room of sweaty Mogwai fans (the band seem forever destined to support the post-rock titans) and more about nursing a new, varied hook-friendly audience.

While this is not the first time Errors has experimented with vocals, the presence of largely unintelligible chants, cries and verses bring an exciting new dimension to the band's already dense sound. The seven minute title track is a strong example of this: softly distorted vocals are stretched over a familiar drive of drums and blips. This is followed by the beautifully surreal 'Slow Rotor' (which contains stunning vocals by Cecilia Stamp and Bek Oliva) and the oriental-tinged dream pop of 'New Winged Fire'. By the time the thirteen minute closing behemoth 'Through The Knowledge of Those Who Observe Us' arrives, Errors will have you completely enraptured by the mystifying nature of the world their music inhabits. Across its lengthy running time, Lease of Life commands an effortless energy that rouses memories of late 90s game scores, 80s romanticism and modern electronica with an infectious confidence. Like the album title suggests, this record will breath new life into wherever it resides.


A fresh reinvention of instrumental synth-pop.


out of 10

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