Errors - Have Some Faith in Magic

Glasgow four piece Errors have conspired to transcend their indie electronica genre with their third album, Have Some Faith in Magic. In music industry terms, they’ve chosen a difficult path. Whilst many plough the electronica furrow, to do so with integrity, finding their own path and above all sounding current is significantly more challenging.

It’s perhaps unfair that often discussions about this band result in comparisons with fellow Glasgow post-rock legends Mogwai. Errors are signed to Mogwai’s own label and have supported them on tour. Both bands have eschewed the standard band modus operandi of a lead vocalist. In addition, both are operating in the chin-stroking, indie end of the musical pool but whereas Mogwai’s sound is guitar based, occasionally to ear-risking intensities, Errors are in a more restrained, synthesiser-led space.

From start to finish this album is a revelation. I don’t think many people were necessarily looking for a synth-heavy, nominally indie band to put out an end-of-year-list contender this early in 2012. It’s questionable as to whether we were looking for a Howard Jones, Jean Michel Jarre, Leftfield or Orbital, especially when it's these latter acts that demonstrate the cul-de-sac that much synthesiser music had been pushed into, sitting behind a programmed drum beat into the repetitions of dance music. So it’s the transplanting to the post-rock genre that liberates both Errors and their instruments to find cavernous new spaces to explore.

This is a fantastic album, varied in tone and musical texture. They’ve even sneaked in a bit of human voice in there at times to round out the sound (note I didn’t say vocal). There’s something exhilarating at the core of these pieces, something that makes you return to this album over and over again. There is one valid comparison with Mogwai in that Errors also do what they do well: making good music on their terms and hoping an audience will happen across them.

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