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Batwoman: 2.06 Do Not Resuscitate

A potential endgame begins to take shape for the season, as all roads begin to point to Coryana.

GFF 2021: My Wonderful Wanda Review

Brings new meaning to the term 'cash cow'

Restless Natives Blu-ray Review

Restless Natives gets a long overdue HD release.

GFF 2021: Apples Review

An apple a day keeps the... memories intact?

GFF 2021: The Toll Review

The (Welsh) hills are alive with the sound of murder in this drab crime thriller.

WandaVision: 1.08 Previously On

Agatha takes Wanda on a journey through her past in this revealing penultimate episode.

A Discovery of Witches: 2.08

Marcus forges a new path in the latest episode of A Discovery of Witches series two.

GFF 2021: Black Bear Review

A grizzly tale about jealousy, desire and our destruction of others.

Big Sky Episode 1.03: The Big Rick

The cast is carrying Big Sky along brilliantly, with John Carroll Lynch, in particular, proving effective in another of his long list of violently jovial characters, but in reality, the series is offering nothing new with its suspense thriller storyline.

Resident Alien: 1.05 Love Language

Harry is married. But he knows nothing about human love...

Bravely Default 2 Review

Read our review of the eagerly awaited Bravely Default 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Be Brave and do not Default to defeat!

GFF 2021: Riders of Justice Review

Revenge might be the perfect form of therapy in this hilarious and unexpectedly poignant thriller.

GFF 2021: Minari Review

Lee Isaac Chung’s drama is a moving, richly-textured portrait of family life, and the opening film of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival.