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Booksmart Review

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut proves to be a hit in-front and behind the camera

BONDiNG: Season One Review

A 'Web Series' style romp in the worlds of BDSM and consent.

Special: Season One Review

Fun and out there. Short and sweet. Really worth watching.

Team Sonic Racing Review

After so long, the blue blur is back on the track, this time with a pure kart racing game filled to the brim with things long time Sonic fans are likely to love on top of some solid racing.

Jane The Virgin: 5.09 Chapter Ninety

Gary McCurry reviews the ninth episode of Jane the Virgin season five

Legends of Tomorrow: 4.15 Terms of Service

The Legends get ready for their season finale while Constantine heads to hell!

Cannes 2019: Zombi Child Review

We round out our coverage of this year's Cannes with director Bertrand Bonello's allegorical film about cultural appropriation and colonialism

The Flash: 5.22 Legacy

After a very frustrating season, can the finale redeem The Flash?

XY Chelsea Review

Released only a week after Chelsea Manning was sent back to prison, Tim Travers Hawkins' timely documentary arrives in cinemas

Cannes 2019: Parasite Review

Bong Joon-ho’s new film thrills Cannes and is a front runner for tomorrow’s Palme d’Or award

Cannes 2019: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review

Tarantino’s latest is an affectionate love letter to the last days of Old Hollywood

Arrow: 7.21 Living Proof

Arrow sets up its season finale with another blast from the past.

Years and Years: 1.02

Stock markets crashing, lifetime presidencies and next-day deportations - Years and Years feels closer to home than ever before.

Supergirl: 4.21 Red Dawn

Things hot up as we get closer to the season finale of Supergirl

Aladdin Review

Disney's production line trundles on

Rocketman Review

Dexter Fletcher’s Elton John biopic has lift off