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The crew of Discovery go up against Emerald Chain in the latest episode.

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From the astral plane to your laptop, Host is here to haunt your Lockdown.

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Hint: it's not really about a bear.

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Will learns his destiny in an episode packed with surprises.

The Siege of Pinchgut Blu-ray Review

Set in Sydney, The Siege of Pinchgut was the last film of Ealing Studios. Now on Blu-ray from Network.

The Mandalorian: 2.05 Chapter 13: The Jedi

An unmissable episode of The Mandalorian as the Jedi make an action packed return.

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Star Trek: Discovery explores Spock's legacy in an emotional rollercoaster of an episode.

Diego Maradona Review

From footballing God to Hand of God - the rise and fall of an unrivalled genius

Possessor Review

Body horror turned all the way up